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Airport Security Stepped Up

2014 November 21
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

Gerry Security

Fatality on SHI in Kapiti

2014 November 21
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

shi at raumatiPolice investigating death of walker on main highway at Raumati

By Alan Tristram

Police say they are investigating a fatal crash involving a pedestrian on State Highway One, at Raumati, near the Poplar Avenue turn off (just beyond curve of Expressway in photo left).

The death occurred about 9.30pm last evening when the male pedestrian, heading south of SHI, was hit by a car. read more…

Russell Marshall on Labour Prospects

2014 November 20
by Kapiti Independent Reporters
Russell Marshall

Russell Marshall

Andrew Little can bring stability and confidence…with a good team

By Russell Marshall (Labour Cabinet Minister 1984-90)
It is over four decades since Norman Kirk’s Labour government came to office. Looking back it all seems to have been a bright but fleeting star, all over in three years.There was no real Labour government again until Helen Clark, Michael Cullen and their team took office a quarter century later.

read more…

It’s Strawberry Time Again!

2014 November 19
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

Our services are free thanks to the generosity of the people in our community who make donations and bequests to help meet costs. Mary Potter Hospice website

Mary Potter Hospice Strawberry Festival 2014

By Roger Childs

Strawberries and ice cream is something we associate with summer. There has been some summery weather in recent weeks and with the temperature range for Saturday likely to be 15º- 18º C, the timing is good for the annual strawberry festival.

MPH Strawberries~ Saturday 22 November 2014

~ MacLean Park, Paraparaumu Beach

~ 9.00 am – 4.00 pm

~ No admission charge

~ Strawberries and ice cream for $5

The main purpose of the festival is to raise money for the local Mary Potter Hospice in Paraparaumu. Last year the beautiful summer day brought our people in their thousands. Over $20,000 was raised and the 70-100 volunteers helping on the day are keen to see takings increase this year. read more…

The Multi-purpose Gladstone Library

2014 November 18
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

Films of faith and doubt:

at Gladstone’s Library?

betty grableBy Tom Aitken in London

When I was a child in Taumarunui, many Christians were deeply suspicious of the cinema.

The ‘picture theatre’ was known, not altogether in jest, as ‘the palace of sin’. Folk tales told of clerics haunting the streets where these reprehensible buildings were sited – to intercept, reprove and redirect their parishioners away from the sinful delights of Betty Grable’s high-kicking legs.

My father, I am glad to report, did not share this particular foible of puritanism. read more…

Books: Fry 3 and J W Wray

2014 November 18
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

Better sexy and racy than sexist and racist. Stephen Fry

The talented Stephen Fry making fools of us

By Ralph McAllister

Fry MoabBefore starting the diatribe let me tell you that I am a huge fan of Stephen Fry.

Moab is My Washpot and The Fry Chronicles, the first two of Fry’s autobiographies, remain firm favourites of mine.

The wit, erudition and sheer fun  employed by Fry as he described growing up at boarding school, being sent to prison, his early work with Laurie, Cleese,Thompson and a legion of others remain firmly embedded in my happiest memories. read more…

Editor’s Pick: Kissing Transfer

2014 November 18
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

1` kissThis kiss could mean 80 million germs transferred

 By the Editor

My pick of the stories today comes from the BBC’s health section, which reveals a single 10-second kiss can transfer as many as 80 million bacteria.

Dutch scientists monitored the kissing behaviour of 21 couples and found those who kissed nine times a day were most likely to share salivary bugs. read more…

Phoenix Rising from the Ashes?

2014 November 17
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

The Phoenix were so close to earning a valuable point away from home, but their inability to defend set-pieces has come back to haunt them. TV One

The agony and the ecstasy of a last minute goal

By Dave Daniel

MailkThere is nothing more satisfying than scoring a last minute goal to win a game. There is simply not enough time for your opposition to reply. It’s not like a trade me auction where the match is extended for a couple of minutes to give the other folks a chance, oh no.

Of course it can be a killer blow if you are on the receiving end. Just ask Wellington Phoenix coach Ernie Merrick, who looked absolutely crestfallen after watching Adelaide United score with almost the last kick of the game at Coopers Stadium on Saturday night. (Final score: Adelaide United 2; Wellington Phoenix 1) read more…

International Hockey In Kapiti

2014 November 17
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

It has to be the biggest sporting event in Kapiti since the Phoenix Soccer team were here!!  Sue Spellacey, Kapiti Sports Turf

The Black Sticks Men are coming to Kapiti

By Roger Childs. Photo below by Ian Linning

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Sports Turf is one of the Kapiti’s great sporting venues and has had a huge impact in promoting local hockey. It has also hosted many tournaments, and back in early March the district were co-hosts of the National Masters Hockey Competition. There were 64 teams from Northland to Southland playing in Wellington and at Mazengarb Park.

This time it’s a step up to international level, as the Black Sticks Men take on the Japanese in two matches over the weekend of 21-22 November. (See details below). read more…


2014 November 17
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

pocahontas portraitWhy I chose a poem about American Indian princess Pocahontas

By Alan Tristram

This month’s choice really is an example of ‘happenstance,’ but a lucky one.

While reading through poems for this month, I chanced across one written  by Vachel, Lindsay, who was known as ‘The Prairie Troubador.’

He’s worth a page on his own, but his poem ‘Our Mother Pocahontas’ is the real story right now — because some 40 years ago I stumbled across a memorial to Pocahontas while exploring an old churchyard near the River Thames at Gravesend in Kent, England. read more…